Thursday, 12 February 2015

Not Wasting My Young Years

pattern: Mysterious Mittens by Ysabelh Designs
yarn: tosh Sport, in colour Charcoal, 65g
needles: 3.5mm

So, there's been a period of radio silence for quite some time now. And I haven't even had the time to comment anywhere properly. However, I'm still here and reading and drooling over lovely projects. It's just that I've been pushing my thesis and some final university courses and been at home only to sleep. The only reason I'm actually posting these mittens I finished last year is because the seasonal flu finally caught up with me and forced me to slow down for a couple of days. Anyways, most likely I won't be able to post anything here in couple of months - half a year, as I'm running out of hours in a day.

I've been knitting a lot, on the bus and before going to sleep, and I have tons of finished projects, but simply no time to have any pictures taken or blog them. But they're warm, cozy and remind me that this super speed phase is just temporary. And maybe at the beginning of next autumn I'll be blogging as usual!

Anyways, the mittens were made for my partner; he has always said he doesn't need mittens, mitts are just fine, thank you very much. Finally, during December, he conceded and politely asked if it was possible to have a pair. The pattern is quite simple and the cabling is really fun, but it's nothing special either. It's good, not great, but in the end, served its purpose!


Nuuskis said...

My partner was the same. At first he didn't need anything, then I made him a pair of socks and now he asked for another pair :)

Best of luck with your thesis! The finishing line is just around the corner so stray strong! :)

Sanna said...

Voi, kuinka mielettömän hienot lapaset!

Pitko said...

Ainakin saajalleen ne ovat varmasti hyvin erityiset. :) Kivat kuvatkin, kuten aina. Voimia opiskelurutistuksiin! :)

Neulisti said...

Niin ne miehet pikku hiljaa kääntävät takkinsa ja oppivat neuleiden makuun. Meitinkin mies järkytti mut tässä kevään korvalla tilaamalla neulepaidan!

Elina said...

Upeat lapaset!

A-L said...

Looking great! Lucky you only having to fight the flue for a couple of days .- I just had 11 days straight fever and only now I'm starting to "see the light" so to speak after the influenza.... anyhow, I hear you about the crazy busy Uni stuff. Just hang in there and please remember to rest every once in a while as well!! just interested (a bit nozy perhaps...) but what is your dissertation about?