Wednesday, 3 December 2014

i våra mörka länder

pattern: Farmer McGregor by Alice Yu
yarn: Eden Cottage Tempo, in colour Driftwood, 67g
needles: 2.5mm

Okay, it is possible that all of my woollen socks were accidentally tossed away when we moved into this newer apartment a year ago. And one bright morning this autumn I woke up with a gnawing feeling that unless I was able to knit a pair of woollen socks in less than 2 days, I would have to live without my toes for the rest of my existence. I randomly picked something from my sock yarn stash and proceeded to knit with a desperate velocity.

I have to admit that I did not like this yarn at first. It did not settle and the stitches were somewhat less elastic and the pattern did not quite frankly look very flattering with it. However, Tempo and I grew to like each other, especially when the socks were done and I had worn them a couple of times. I'm actually going to try out a new batch of Tempo that seemed and felt a bit different. So, not a complete disaster and I get to keep my toes yet another year, yay for that!


Tiina said...

Voi hyvä immeinen, neulo nyt enämpi sukkia! Tommosia nättejä kun vielä tikuttelet, niin kivahan se ois, jos ois enempi kuin tuo yksi pari. :D

Neulisti said...

Hyi, mikä kammottava ajatus onkaan talven tulo ilman villasukkia. Jei, säästyneet varpaat!

Pitko said...

Herkänkauniit sukat. :) Eikä ilman villasukkia voi olla edes kesällä... ;)

Sanna said...

Ihastuttavat! Ehkä minäkin annan sille vanhalle Tempolleni vielä mahdollisuuden... :)