Saturday, 15 November 2014

run past all the light

pattern: Perianth by Barbara Gregory
yarn: Handu 100% Merino, in aqua colour, and Cephalopod Bugga!
needles: 2.75mm

I was supposed to knit my friend a pair of blue mittens and actually started these thinking "Wow, that's a nice aqua shade of blue!". Come dawn and I realized I've been knitting a somewhat greenish skein, but was already past the thumb so I did not want to unravel anything. Finished them, wrapped them up and gave them to Tiinu while rambling very apologetically about how my rod cells really don't work that well and how I genuinely thought I was knitting blue. Luckily that day she was wearing a stunner dress with turquoise and blue flowers WHICH HAPPENED TO GO TOGETHER PERFECTLY WITH THE MITTENS! Still, maybe not her usual blue, but at least now I remember to buy yarn when it's light AND start the project before 10 pm!

As a final note, Bugga! was perfect! And I think I'm never over Perianths!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

always, always, always the sun

pattern: winged it
yarn: Debbie Bliss Luxury Aran Tweed, 35g, and tosh Sport, in colour Rose >10g
needles: 5mm

HEADBAND: Co 16 sts in mc and knit in garter stitch until the band reaches around your head. Bind off, leaving a longer tail for sewing. Sew the ends together and ruck up the seam a bit with the tail. 

BOW: Co 24 sts in mc and knit in garter stitch to create a rectangle (the height is up to you, I did 24 rows). Bind off, leaving a longer tail for sewing. Weave the tail to the middle of the longer side and attach the piece on the headband (cover the seam on the headband), rucking it up as you go. 

SMALL BAND: Co 10 sts in cc and knit in stockinette stitch until this band reaches around the headband and the bow. Bind off, leaving a longer tail for sewing. Sew the ends together while gathering the headband and the bow with this smaller band. Weave in the ends. Wear.

That might have been the last really sunny day this autumn. We took the photos weeks ago and now the cold, relentless winter light has settled in. Enter candles and christmas lights and bright woollen socks (still working on the socks though). I really love headbands and (like I have repeatedly stated) tweeds, so I decided to combine those two loves and sported a Minnie Mouse gone grey -headband for rest of the October.  I miss the sun but secretly welcome the days when I can wear chunky pullovers and big scarfs.