Thursday, 24 July 2014

Never Play

pattern: Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen
yarn: Malabrigo Silkpaca, 75g in colour Lettuce
needles: 3.5mm

This shawl will be my great-aunt's birthday present and it is my first project with Malabrigo's Silkpaca. The yarn is really glossy but also nicely ethereal as it is alpaca, and it never split during knitting - looks really wonderful really and was nice to knit. Blocking was a bit more challenging than for example with Malabrigo Lace, as the shawl was somehow restistent and resiled really quickly. But managed to put it together in the end and am really happy to take it with me to the party in Sweden!

The pics are fantastically good considering that the shoot took about 1 min and then it was over - there's no way I'm spending more than a minute with an alpaca shawl on in 30 celsius degrees. No way... If you want to see some more fruit of this ninjaquick photoshoot, please check out Tiinu's socks (45 seconds)!


Nuuskis said...

Oh, how lovely! I love both the colour and the pattern! I'm sure your great-aunt will be thrilled!

Neulisti said...

Voi jummi! Se on hieno. Toi lanka tekee siitä jotenkin ihanan rehevän. :D

Sanna said...

Siitä tuli ihan mahtavan upea! Ehdottomasti kaiken vaivan arvoinen! Vai oliko? :)

Pitko said...

Hieno huivi, upea lahja. :)

Emma said...

Tuskainen helle ei ollenkaan välity kuvista, upea huivi :)

berenike said...

Nuuskis: Thank you! She was!

Neulisti: Tänks! Rehevä on kyl hyvä sana ko siihen tulee vähän tommonen aura!

Sanna: Kiitos! Oli se vaivan arvonen ja oikeesti kiva ohje! Suosittelen :)

Pitko: Kiitos!

Emma: Kiitos! Kiva tietää, ettei näy ko tuskan hiki valu jo pelkästä ajatuksesta :D