Thursday, 24 April 2014

And I'll be stranded like a man in a mine

pattern: Feathernest Raglan by Amy Miller
yarn: Shetland wool, 350g
needles: 5mm

pattern: winged it
yarn: Lang Seta Tweed, 35g and leftovers of tosh Sport in colour Wheat
needles: 3mm and 3.5mm

Feathernest has already been ready for a while now, but time has been a bit scarce lately for a photoshoot or for general loitering around the town. The shetland wool used for the pullover is superwarm and really soft after a thorough dip in fabric softener - I actually wear it now without a jacket. Knitting the yarn, however, was heavily laced with profanities and blasphemy. Scratchy bastard... Some fuckups with the pattern, but who cares really? In short time, this has become my trusted basic pullover.

 As the temperatures have risen enough to discard woollen hats almost altogether, I just had to buy a couple of balls of Seta Tweed for a spring hat. Really cool and amazingly soft, the yarn was also surprisingly nice to knit for silk! It was so nice to knit that, in fact, I finished the hat in couple of hours. Adieu, hyperthermia, this girl started thermoregulation in time this year!


Jonna said...

Tämän päivän outfittisi on kyllä täyden kympin arvoinen! Huikea paita, huikea pipo ja huikea mimmi! Ja kirjoitus, aijai – ilo, kuten aina! :-)

Jaana said...

Upeita molemmat ja niin on väritkin! Paita varsinkin oikea luottoneule.

Tiinu said...

Sinä ja nää molemmat neuleet ootte täydellisiä! Nothing more to add.

Lotta said...

Oi oi mikä myssy ja mikä väri! Paitakin on tyylikäs!

A-L said...

Love the simplicity of the both! And the colour of your hat is just divine!

Emma said...

On kyllä kaunis asu, pipon väri on täydellinen!

Linda said...

Hi Berenike!

I just loooove that spring hat - the color is one of my favourites at the moment! May I ask where did you buy that yarn from?

I mentioned you in my blog today - visit my blog to find out more ;)