Thursday, 19 December 2013

in hopes that I can make amends and show you that I still care

pattern: Fractured by Michelle Cole
yarn: tosh sport, in colour Dried Rose, 40g
needles: 3,5mm

These are for my partner, who is one of those people that look fantastic in a bit murky, dark reds and purples, so this tosh skein in the colour of a dried red rose was my number one choice for him. He lost his previous pair somewhere in Lapland and felt gravely sorry for it but he's also that guy who has always trudged forward courageously and carried me through tough times. So it was forgiven in a fracture of a second.

The pattern was a bit puzzling, as these mitts that would fit a grizzly bear are size S. In the end, I took half a size smaller needles and winged the rest of it, excluding the chart. I think the only problem is in the concept of "sport weight", which, to me, is the most elusive and varying yarn weight there is. I suppose the sport weight in this pattern meant more like Drops Alpaca and less like tosh sport. What do you think, which yarn is closest to your idea of "sport"?

Well, for him the mitts are perfect anyways, with a column of stretch rib in the middle of the palm. It doesn't show in the pics but the model, with lovely long fingers, pretty nail polish and a normal sized palm, is not using even half of the real estate these mitts in reality have. Size S, my round rosy arse.

In addition to being in possession of very photogenic hands, the model is a valiant hero, who, from time to time, had to pick me up from the bottom of a grim, metaphorical swamp or drag my dead weight from a day to another, but not even once complained. A mighty set of tireless arms and shoulders and one heart of strength that knows no bounds. I am forever grateful.


Heidi said...

Nämä kämmekkäät suorastaan tulvivat tunnetta. Kaunista.

Minulle nuo paksumpien lankojen luokitukset eli dk, worsted ja sport ovat vähän sellaista harmaata aluetta. Vahvuuksien sijaan silmikkamäärä on se, mikä ratkaisee ja määrittää lanka- ja puikkovalinnat.

Tiinu said...

Ihana <3

Pitko said...

Kauniit kämmekkäät ja lämmintä tekstiä. :)

Sormustimen Anni said...


berenike said...

Heidi: kiitos! Joo, just noi paksummat on kyl niin hämärii... Koska musta joku DK on välillä sporttia tai joku Worsted on niin lähellä Arania että.

Tiinu: Ite oot.

Pitko: Kiitos :)

Sormustimen Anni: Nih :) Kiitos!