Saturday, 13 July 2013

If These Arms Were Meant to Hold Her

Tindersticks - Another Night in

pattern: Froot Loop Gloves by Natasha Sills
yarn: Knitted Wit Cashy Wool in colour Midnight, 42g
needles: 2.5mm

The original plan was to make these last year for my nana, but surprisingly life got in the way. So here they are now, knit with sublime Knitted Wit Cashy wool (you can actually feel the heavenly cashmere on these). The shade is really nice too, dark cornflower blue folded with warm grey speckles - just perfect for Nana who loves all kinds of classic blues. So next Xmas, then, Nana!

Not much to say about the pattern, I just went with it and the everything seemed to turn out OK. Nothing special but didn't make me want to break my needles, burn the yarn and curse knitting altogether.

The song in the title is great, though, and always brings to mind the darkest midnights that probably inspired the dye in this yarn.


Neulisti said...

Parit palmikot sai vääntää, hienot!

Tiina said...

Täyttä luksusta! Upeet!

sndra said...

These look so elegant!

Emma said...

Kaunoiset! Onnellinen isoäiti :)

Vyyhti said...

Onpa siinä palmikkoa kerrakseen. Kyllä saa olla onnellinen nana, kun nämä saa! :)

Sormustimen Anni said...

Todella kauniit!