Monday, 11 February 2013

Springs in Whose Serene and Silent Waters Heaven is Seen

pattern: Arroyo by Sarah H. Wolf
yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool, 265g
needles: 8mm

This lovely scarf was finished already in December but today was the first day I've been home before the sundown since August, hence the overdue pictures. I love this project because of the yarn, the pattern itself was really simple and to me quite uninteresting. But the yarn... This is going to sound weird, but this scarf smells lovely: it's a mixture of my lavender fabric softener, my cherry parfume and pure, oily wool. This is one of those knit garments of solace that make you feel instantly better about everything.Will definitely knit a teacher jacket for myself with this yarn after May and the end of the training.

Here's a better picture of my bobble tam.


Zelda said...

Niin kaunis!

Neulisti said...

Upea huivi! Mä luulin ensin sitä tuubihuiviksi. Tosi hauska, miten erilaista saa aikaan, kun valitsee paksumman langan.

Emma said...

Mahtavalta näyttää Arroyo noin paksusta langasta!

Nuuskis said...

Looks warm and comfy enough! :)