Thursday, 19 December 2013

in hopes that I can make amends and show you that I still care

pattern: Fractured by Michelle Cole
yarn: tosh sport, in colour Dried Rose, 40g
needles: 3,5mm

These are for my partner, who is one of those people that look fantastic in a bit murky, dark reds and purples, so this tosh skein in the colour of a dried red rose was my number one choice for him. He lost his previous pair somewhere in Lapland and felt gravely sorry for it but he's also that guy who has always trudged forward courageously and carried me through tough times. So it was forgiven in a fracture of a second.

The pattern was a bit puzzling, as these mitts that would fit a grizzly bear are size S. In the end, I took half a size smaller needles and winged the rest of it, excluding the chart. I think the only problem is in the concept of "sport weight", which, to me, is the most elusive and varying yarn weight there is. I suppose the sport weight in this pattern meant more like Drops Alpaca and less like tosh sport. What do you think, which yarn is closest to your idea of "sport"?

Well, for him the mitts are perfect anyways, with a column of stretch rib in the middle of the palm. It doesn't show in the pics but the model, with lovely long fingers, pretty nail polish and a normal sized palm, is not using even half of the real estate these mitts in reality have. Size S, my round rosy arse.

In addition to being in possession of very photogenic hands, the model is a valiant hero, who, from time to time, had to pick me up from the bottom of a grim, metaphorical swamp or drag my dead weight from a day to another, but not even once complained. A mighty set of tireless arms and shoulders and one heart of strength that knows no bounds. I am forever grateful.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The tale is the map that is the territory.

 pattern: Contemporary by Veera Välimäki
yarn: The Uncommon Thread Merino DK, in colour Nimbostratus, 80g
needles: 4mm

My brother flew to Finland for Christmas and I persuaded him to photoshoot my Contemporary beanie: it's truly amazing what a pro photographer and a pro camera can do for a knitted piece! Love the hat, it's really slouchy and heavy, just the way I like my beanies + the yarn is heaven, both to knit and to wear.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Unicorn's Hangover

pattern: OppAtt by Jeannie Cartmel
yarn: Manos del Uruguay Alegria, in colour Locura Fluo, 70g
needles: 2.25mm

"The dire circumstances require desperate measures" I said to my concerned partner, when I brought a skein of Alegria home. He was sincerely worried about me, because he knows I hate rainbow vomits from the bottom of my pitch dark heart. I can't explain this, but then again don't regret either, even though they are a bit too, well, bright for me.

hillanen knit a gorgeous version of this pattern, so I gave it a try too. Suppose it works with only moderately striped yarn though, because the cables don't pop up that much with this yarn.

The pics taken in the library of Humanities in Tampere uni; while others were writing their theses, I was cackling away between shelves with my unicorn's sick socks. Ah, procrastination.

Monday, 18 November 2013


The absolute highpoint of the year (Finnish Handicrafts Fair here in Tampere) came and went and this time I was extremely ill and unwell - exciting to say the least (last year it was crutches, so can't wait for the next year.) Anyways, this is what I managed to haul, in the end:
- a skein of Veto, in pink
- a skein of Hopeasäie Aada, in colour Neulanen
- a skein of Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn, in colour Villain
- 4 balls of Andes, in grey
- a skein of The Uncommon Thread Merino DK, in colour Nimbostratus (already cast on)

The Sock Yarn and the Merino DK *drool*. Jesus, how long can one just squish and pet a skein of yarn? The Merino is going to be Välimäki's Contemporary and the Sock yarn probably Hermione's Socks, the Veto is for my sister's socks and Aada and Andes are for West's Esjan.

... But this beauty was the cherry on my ibuprofen fuelled, shitty-life-situation-induced freak-out. I mean, look at it, it's a gauge and brass knuckles rolled into one beautiful package and it sports a text "Knit or Die". I heart it.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Greetings from the Hellmouth

yarn: Louhittaren Luola Louhitar, in colour Metsä, less than 80g
needles: 4mm

So, I haven't been around that much lately, thanks to the serial sucker punches and curveballs the universe decided to throw at me this autumn. All in all, my life this previous month and so has reduced to mere damage control and serious prioritizing projects and thus knitting on a large scale has been off the table. But here's something.

There couldn't be a lovelier November yarn than Louhitar; it's a bit scratchy and coarse, but warm as hell and the texture is just beyond praising. And now that colour... It's the perfect November colour, blends perfectly with the dying leaves, thriving moss and the cold ground: it is, as the name of the dye says, like the forest.

My favourite month of the year, here I come with some plain simple but rocking gorgeous mittens! And perhaps somewhere there, there's light at the end of the Hellmouth.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sassy and Brash Tulip

pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A
yarn: Louhittaren Luolan Väinämöinen in colour Tulppaani, 75g
needles: 2.5mm

Some of you already noticed this yarn in one of the previous posts. Isn't it absolutely impudent? Like one of those completely shameless yellows? The pics don't even do justice to how bright neon it is.

On a side note, my friend has finally created her own blog, which I'm superhappy about as she knits some amazing things! Check it out! There's also a familiar pair of feet in that blog as we have a fantastic, multifuntional knitting relationship that covers everything from bitching about patterns to taking photos of finished objects and modeling for them!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maybe this is no m'aidez, m'aidez

Sneaker Pimps - M'aidez

pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose
yarn: Cascade Eco Wool in colour Ecru, 530g
needles: 6mm

Once again, heaps of pics. But this is something I've been knitting since May and now it's done - superhappy with the result, it's so soft, warm and comfortable. Sleeves a bit too long but at least the hem covers my arse. The pattern is written to be knit flat.. yeah, snowball's chance in hell, I did this with in-round mods found on MelleChou's project page.

Friday, 6 September 2013

quintessential procrastinator

pattern: Quintessence II by Tiina Kuu
yarn: Regia 8-fach, 130g
needles: 3.5mm

Something tells me I'm not the only one with this grievous fault... but I'm one of those people who sometimes just can't be arsed to begin a project in time, especially if it's a gift. Not that I don't care, I'm just really preoccupied with something more "fundamental" at the moment (shitty films, fanfiction, skimming through instagram, you name it). In the end, I get the project done in time, but I might be still weaving in ends just before I ring the doorbell, sawing off the pieces of yarn with my incisors or knitting like motherfucker on train or car while cursing my magnificent ability to procrastinate.

This was one of those projects, the pic taken 2 minutes before running out the door. The recipient was ever so happy, so that's the main point, I suppose. TiiQ's pattern was so well written, I think I need to delve into her other patterns too in the near future.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Feeling of Being

Sorry about the pic spam, but I really like how this dress turnt out. So it's some XXL dress that I found in a fleamarket and even though the size was a bit off, the fabric itself was worth buying. I ripped off the zipper in the back and left it open almost all to the way to the waist. I cut two completely irregular holes in the chest and filled it with free crocheting (see the last pic); not really neat, but it's kind of nice if you squint your eyes and look from the distance.

My new favourite dress. Definitely.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

If These Arms Were Meant to Hold Her

Tindersticks - Another Night in

pattern: Froot Loop Gloves by Natasha Sills
yarn: Knitted Wit Cashy Wool in colour Midnight, 42g
needles: 2.5mm

The original plan was to make these last year for my nana, but surprisingly life got in the way. So here they are now, knit with sublime Knitted Wit Cashy wool (you can actually feel the heavenly cashmere on these). The shade is really nice too, dark cornflower blue folded with warm grey speckles - just perfect for Nana who loves all kinds of classic blues. So next Xmas, then, Nana!

Not much to say about the pattern, I just went with it and the everything seemed to turn out OK. Nothing special but didn't make me want to break my needles, burn the yarn and curse knitting altogether.

The song in the title is great, though, and always brings to mind the darkest midnights that probably inspired the dye in this yarn.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

And the Giveaway Goes to...

The lovely pink skein of Handu goes to nick Sormustimen Anni! Please send me your shipping address to e-mail!

Sorry for publishing this so late, life got in the way.

Friday, 28 June 2013


Okay, let's wrap up this hobby hibernation with a giveaway, the occasion being that I'm still alive and kicking and knitting. So here it is. We'll go with the old, simple rules really:

- One ticket in the lottery bowl for a comment
- One ticket for being a reader
- One ticket for sharing the giveaway notice in your blog

= altogether 3 name tickets max. per participant

The giveaway is a skein of Handu Handdyed BFL in colour hot pink, 100g/220m.
Make sure you enter before 6th July!

Good luck!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Break the Silence

pattern: Water for Elephants by Rose Hiver
yarn: Drops Fable in Berry Dreams and white, 40g and 40g
needles: 2.5mm

Socks for my sister-in-law who loves purple in different shades. Truth to be told, I've been knitting these for the last 3 months or so, as the notorious knitting mojo has evaded my completely during this whole hectic, nightmarish year. I guess the teacher training took its toll finally and left me outright exhausted. But on a positive note, I got the degree and can now resume my normal life.

Hopefully there's some people around still reading this blog, despite the lack of posts!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Birthday Prototype

pattern: prototyping
yarn: Handu merinosukka
needles: 2.75mm

Forgot my friend's birthday so I knit her these. I writing the pattern down (on a paper, since the awesome program is at the moment way too expensive). Lovely, lovely yarn, the colour in the pics is way off, it's closer to mintish green-blue than cold blue.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Springs in Whose Serene and Silent Waters Heaven is Seen

pattern: Arroyo by Sarah H. Wolf
yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool, 265g
needles: 8mm

This lovely scarf was finished already in December but today was the first day I've been home before the sundown since August, hence the overdue pictures. I love this project because of the yarn, the pattern itself was really simple and to me quite uninteresting. But the yarn... This is going to sound weird, but this scarf smells lovely: it's a mixture of my lavender fabric softener, my cherry parfume and pure, oily wool. This is one of those knit garments of solace that make you feel instantly better about everything.Will definitely knit a teacher jacket for myself with this yarn after May and the end of the training.

Here's a better picture of my bobble tam.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Now for Something Completely Different

It's nice to enjoy someone else's creativity for a change. I won this small coin purse in Jennike's giveaway, which is kind of convenient for a crazy coin purse collector like me. So I have a purse for my knitting bric-a-brac, a purse for my bus cards, a purse for my keys and phone, a purse for coins, a purse for my memory sticks and a purse for all of these purses - and now this, a purse for my make-up I carry to every place! "Yo dawg, I heard you like purses...". Cheers, Jennike!

This is something I've been working on. I forgot my friends birthday, so I'm making these for her and if everything goes as planned, I'll be begging for testknitters in a couple of months' time.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

pattern: Rumpled! by Alice Yu
yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, in colour Vincent's Apron, 105g
needles: 2.5mm

Got this absolutely perfect yarn from my man and have been sitting on it ever since. Is there anybody else out there who suffers of a chronic luxury yarn paralysis and is dead afraid to start a project with something expensive in the fear of ruining the whole lovely skein? I do and it's horrible, as I love yarn like Jitterbug.

This project, however, was a success. The pattern was of the usual Alice Yu awesomeness and the yarn was perfect for it. Then again I compeletely cocked up the decs with 4 stitches. But who cares? Not Doctor Who! And that's what I watched when I knitted these; something to get my mind off the school chaos.