Monday, 17 December 2012

So I Accepted the Sky

pattern: Tähtipannunalunen from eilen tein blog
material: Ekokude from Taito shop, 125g
hook: 9mm

Xmas pressie for Mum. I was supposed to knit a plain rectangular pot holder with the leftover material from my rug, but then Hanne from blog eilen tein published a pattern for this super awesome star. So there was me - begging that my lefties would suffice for the star and crocheted like there's no tomorrow (or Xmas eve in 7 days, as a matter of fact). Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And really easy! Just to add a little thing for those whose forté isn't crocheting: I'm pretty sure that on row 2 you're not supposed to crochet into every stictch but into every other. Not nowhere near sure, but that's how I was able to divide the points evenly.

Hopefully another one on the way soon, just to embellish our kitchen...


Jaana said...

Minäkin ihailin tuota tähti-pannunalusta Hannen blogissa. Vielä olisi pari joulutervehdystä, jotka on tarkoitus tehdä itse, ja taitaapa tällainen olla ainakin toinen niistä.

A-L said...

Oh that looks real nice! I might need to make one for my mom as well... maybe for her birthday in February... Thanks for the tip!

berenike said...

Jaana: Juu kannattaa tehä, oli tosi kiva ohje! Ja niin nätin näkönen!

A-L: Thanks! You do that, they're really easy, but so gorgeous!