Friday, 28 December 2012

Second Hand Shop: Friikku

Okay, so I spent my Xmas in Lahti with my family and sadly noticed that twoof my all time favourite thrift shops and fleamarkets had quit (Femmatori and Autiotalo). On a positive note, a new sceond hand shop had opened just next to the centre square. 

Friikku is one of those second hand shops that sells precisely handpicked items (on behalf of singular private persons who have an account in the shop and pay provision for each purchase), thus making the selection quite succint but first rate and extremely exquisite. These kinds of second hand shops are not made for crazy one euro bargains but to provide second hand shoppers with unique items of great quality; when looking for something particular that's a bit different and in a sound shape (in my case mostly boots, shoes, bags and coats)

But in addition to these weaknesses of mine mentioned above, Friikku offers absolutely delightful clothes for men and women. Some of the treasures that caught my eye during the visit were a Ril's blazer, a Malene Birger top and a lovely white tunic-like blouse (just to mention a few, there are so many gorgeous items, for both ladies and gentlemen). There were some awesome jeans too, and that's a lot coming from me, since I'm not a jeans kind of girl.

In Friikku everything is set neatly on display in racks an. In my honest opinion, the shop's atmosphere is what sets it apart from others like it. It's situated inside a court yard, just like those fantastic small shops in London, and the whole shop feels spacious and bright despite its actual size. And service is simply great.

All in all, definitely worth visiting and shopping. For the clothes and especially for its bags, purses, belts and shoes. Oh, those bags and purses... Anyway, I hauled out just a pair of biker boots, but I can't wait to see what the shop has in store for the spring and summer. Now, I let the pics speak for themselves.

Vapaudenkatu 14, Lahti

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