Saturday, 22 December 2012

Death by Brownies

"Death by brownies" -mixes-in-a-jar. The original, original recipe is something like this, however my creations are a sugary, more chocolatey mods of that. And in these pics you can actually see the neat layers, which surprisingly disappeared after a couple of shaken-not-stirred.

I've been such a miserable, whining sod this autumn and to be fair, couple of my friends have been my ever reliable kisby rings through the whole circus. So these are the extra pressies I made for them, as they, like me, nurture affectionate feelings towards everything that has at least 20 sugarcubes worth of sweetness in them. (And by god, these jars have more sugar than flour in them)

Though I'm not very Christmassy person and this year I've tended to be even more grinchy, the celebration does have a certain value in my eyes and that's closer to the American idea of Thanksgiving. That is, Chrissie season reminds me of how undeservingly lucky I've been to have such absolutely awesome persons as friends. So with these I just want to let you know that your support and Peace Nobel prize level patience does not go unnoticed despite my cold exterior. Namaste, friends.


Vyyhti said...

Mahtava idea! Kiitos vinkistä, pitää pistää korvan taakse. :)

Jenni said...

Ompas hienot purnukat :)