Thursday, 2 August 2012


There were so many things I am, but these are the things that define me or connect me now to people and things I love, enjoy or miss. There are also so many things that people might forget about themselves, even just for a moment. Now, who are you? Please leave a comment if you make a pic mix like this in your blog!


Melli said...

I think it wouldn't be possible for anyone to hate you, you're a sweetie! :)

berenike said...

<3 thanks <3 taitaapi tää ominaisuus olla osa sitä tiettyä vainoharhajärjestelmääni. tuolla oli kuvat "I love David Tennant" ja "I love Doctor Who" sulle :)

Sanna Koo said...

Tämä oli niin mukava juttu, että piti tehdä itsekin. :)