Sunday, 26 August 2012

And This Little Piggy

pattern: SimpleLines by Anat Rodan
yarn: Shibui Knits Sock, 153g in colour Blossom
needles: 3.5mm

The colour is quite accurate in these pics (well, that's a first one); a lovely, warm piggy pink with paler semi-solid blotches. Anat Rodan's pattern was once again really good-looking, alternating garter stitch and stockinette stitch surfaces create a nice texture and I must say this was a great pattern for showing off yarn. Another plus is that this pattern can be modified to go with any yarn thickness and yarn amount. 

Shibui Knits Sock yarn was fantastic, it was exactly like Koigu, but a bit thicker and more elastic. I had to pop the fourth skein open just to skim a few rounds and the bind-off off of it, but the rest of it is safe and sound in my yarn stash waiting for the right fingerless glove pattern. Fantastic yarn and a good pattern that I knit mindlessly while watching top quality TV series.

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Winter Thaw in a Cold Summer

 pattern: Winter Thaw by Beata Jezek
yarn: Malabrigo Lace, 75g of colour Forest
needles: 3.75mm

To get my lost knitting mojo back after that Bex incident, I decided to knit something larger -  and faster. It took me one week to do this thing and the mojo is back - I'm back in the game and it feels good. The pattern is gorgeous and well written, there were a few glitches along the way but that might just be me and my telly knitting- nothing I couldn't fix in the end. Once the yarnovers are done in the edging, the stitch count seriously explodes. It was actually the last 5 rows that really took the whole weekend to knit through.

The shawl goes to my mum, who looks great in green with her reddish light brown hair and green eyes. I had two skeins of Malabrigo Lace in colour Forest; the other one was very solidy green and the other one was very semi-solid with white blotches - this I didn't know because I couldn't be arsed to check the skeins before knitting. Luckily I used the solid skein first and left the semi-solid for the edging: now it looks as if the edging tips of the shawl are frosty and frozen.

I blocked the shit out of my hand while beating this massive thing into shape (wingspan 2 meters, spine 70 cm); stuck a thick safety pin into my cuticle so that it came out of my finger flesh. Needless to say I invented a couple of new obscenities... But chivalry isn't dead: my man, instead of being offended by my verbal rampage, offered to block the whole thing. Can you believe it? I bet even Gandhi would have passed that opportunity. Got to love that guy.

He didn't block it. I might be ruthless but not downright cruel.

I Thought, I Thought I Knew...

...I had everything figured out.

- Said the Whale: Plans for the Future -

Just giving a sneak-a-peek of my autumn plans. These blush beauties are going to be my new scarf; I'm thinking about doing Anat Rodan's SimpleLines, because, as the name suggests, it's simplistic enough to bring out the awesomeness of the yarn.

And this skein is reserved for autumn mittens, a project that I've been planning on doing since 2008, the publication of the issue - haven't done the project because no yarn has been the right green, the kind of Finnish autumn forest green mixed with something olivey. But this is it, even though I wasn't looking for the yarn anymore. Knitting serendipity, the best kind of hobby experience.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


pattern: Bex by Cookie A
yarn: Wollmeise Twin, WD (Babe), 131g
needles: 2.5mm

I have to confess that this project was one of those hobby milestones that really measures your devotion for the whole business. The last 45 rows were pure torture and this morning, after I weaved in the final thread of yarn, I did a William Wallace freedom speech and then sent zealous messages to my friends about how I'll never do this pattern again. Not my thing really, though the finished product looks absolutely breathtaking.

This was also my first go with Wollmeise. For this project, seriously wrong yarn, because it kept splitting like hell and actually started squeaking on my needles, which has never happened before. Drove me mad, that sound. Squeak, squeak, squeak... Plus the yarn in the first sock looks already dodgy, even though it has never been worn and has only travelled around in my project bag. 

Regardless of being the wrong choice for this pattern, I could try Wollmeise again in for example a cardigan; it feels a bit cottonish and thus very soft and non-itchy. Probably gives a nice drape too for cardigans and such, since the yarn is very, well, sturdy.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Come Feed the Rain

pattern: Kozue - こずえ by Anat Rodan
yarn: Koigu KPM, 46g
needles: 3.7mm and 4mm

Really, this yarn is green (it's the 1239), but depending on lighting it apparently might look rusty brown, bronze or golden. That kind of threw me off when I brought the skein home, but now we're getting along just fine.

The pattern is by Anat Rodan; just a tad different than Excess, as the original design for this hat is a bit more sportish and shorter. But since I fell in love with slouchy hats I did more repeats than the pattern suggested. Very happy with the result though I still like my Excess more.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Have You Ever Seen Me with a Polka Dot Tail?

This is what a happy, new owner of a polka dot summer dress looks like. The fabric is a nice flea market treasure, cost 50 cents if my memory serves me well and is one of those rare shades of yellow I actually want to wear (not mustardy, but still a bit musky and dirty).

pattern: just improvised something, it's so much less hazardous with crocheting than with knitting
yarn: DROPS Cotton Viscose, 100g
hook: 4mm

The first draft for the back included a long, dense button list but I ended up just leaving it with one big button and a grimace. Super excited about the dress, it became one of the my absolute favourites and will be included in my weekly wardrobe in the autumn and the winter too.

The ceramic bear button is from my first visit to the annual Tampere craft fair and since then I've bought different, gorgeous ceramic buttons from the fair each year. The dark, dirty blue goes together well with the yellow and gives a nice quirk to the dress (can't really say the bear is cute, I think the hollow eyes are pretty creepy; thank goodness it's on my neck).

Edit. Righto. Blogger decided to screw up my pics completely. Round two...

Thursday, 2 August 2012


There were so many things I am, but these are the things that define me or connect me now to people and things I love, enjoy or miss. There are also so many things that people might forget about themselves, even just for a moment. Now, who are you? Please leave a comment if you make a pic mix like this in your blog!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Just Want to Reblog This Shitstorm

I know this is old news, but it keeps me entertained day after day and makes me smile when see it in different blogs. How USOC got 2 million pairs of (knitted) knickers in a twist, that is. Don't get me wrong, that cease and desist letter should have been formulated just a tad more tactfully, but what really amuses me is the actual force and velocity of the social network storm and the immediate reaction to it. But above all, I find it absolutely comical that these guys have the self-esteem to ask for knitted freebies for the Olympic team (cf. previous link); I mean, most knitters don't knit stuff even for the people they like, let alone for someone who has just called your hobby/lifestyle/profession a degrading dabbling.

My awful morning begins when I realize I 've run out of my favourite strawberry cereals. On the other hand, it might be unnerving to wake up and comprehend that the target group you've just insulted are equipped with sharp needles and garrotte-like cables. (Though one of my fave threats created by this faux-pas was voiced by one knitters who commented in one of the articles I read as follows: the cat food manufacturing sponsors of the Olympic team are going to take a nosedive).

Here's a song to go with everybody's newly acquired knitting badass rep: