Thursday, 19 July 2012

Red Blood Cells

Kirjo-lanka 100g, 1 envelope Blastin' Berry Cherry.

I'm knitting Bex socks at the moment and am quite sure I'll graduate from Uni before binding off those. Phew, what a pattern. Anyways, I had to try how EAJ version of Kirjo-pirkka reacts to Kool-aids. The surface of the yarn is really silky and smooth because of the chemical treatment, but apparently the Kool stuck well as the colour didn't run when I washed the yarn. Victory! I was going for the semi-solidy look but was a bit too slow with the dipping, so now there are white blotches in the yarn. 

The red yarn is for Yu's V Junkies, which I already cast on with the Pirtin Kehräämö sock yarn dyed with Kool-aid (right), but the yarn was way too solid for the pattern. I can't believe I'm saying that... a year ago no yarn was too solid for me and now I frogging projects because of their lack of colour spectrum...


Neulisti said...

Melkein taas polkkaa, nams! :) Koitin jo käydä varkaissa Vyyhdillä, mutta se kurja huomasi paitani alta pilkottavan lankavyyhdin. :D

berenike said...

Juu, näyttää enemmän polkalta vielä neulottuna. Hähähää, oikea asenne, näin se lanka saattaa välillä vaihtaa omistajaa :D