Thursday, 26 July 2012

Maybe I'm Koigued

pattern: Excess by Anat Rodan
yarn: Koigu KPM, 50g
needles: 3.75mm and 4mm

And BOOOOM went my heart. I don't usually have yarn loves, the ones that really shake your knitting world and make you lie awake at night just thinking where you can get your hands on that new colourway. That kind of needy attachment to a certain yarn quality that you'll return to it project after project, (almost) never wanting anything else. But then it hit me, seriously, like a 3-ton log. Koigu KPM. And the ailment is so acute that it almost made me buy blue yarn. Blue, for Christ's sake! Luckily this gorgeous pink KPM saved me from any unlikely colour choices.

The pattern is designed for Koigu and it promises to take only a 50g skein, at which I scoffed contemptuously. By the time it was time to start the crown, I had an itsy bitsy ball of yarn left and I started to feel that bitter glee you feel when your yarn amount isn't going to really suffice and you knew it from the beginning. But pinch my titties and call me Phyllis, the finished hat weighs a shy 49g and there's still a minute tangle left. All in all, the pattern was wonderful; I'm not one of those slouchy hat girls but this pattern looks great even on my melon. Excess could resolve my bad-hair-day-every-single-day -problem for the rest of my life, of course actualised with various Koigu colours.

So there it is. The tightly spun surface, the squishiness, the perfect semi-solid colour. I'm in love.

Edit. Brought a new Koigu baby home today - and something really scary happened. The distinctly green yarn turned bright rust brown in front of my eyes as I was taking it to my yarn stash closet. And no, it wasn't my concussion, because my man saw it too. Apparently it was the odd lighting in our office. This is was quite an unnerving event but really awesome at the same time - we're not talking about just a subtle tonal change in different lightings, but a complete metamorphosis. Good god, I'm pretty sure I've never been so scared in my entire life.


Neulisti said...

Ihana lötkismyssy. Tahtoo kanssa!

Tiina said...

Tämmösen hehkutuksen jälkeen pitää varmaan kävellä lankakauppaan ja ostaa sitä Koigua.

Emma said...

Ahhahhaa, siun tekstien lukeminen on pelastanut monta huonoa päivää :D

Mainion näköinen lörppä! Mie neuloin toissa talvena KPPPM:stä kämmekkäät ja ne kuluivat todella pahalle nukalle nopeasti varsin vähäisessä käytössä. Toivottavasti siulla on parempi onni!

berenike said...

Neulisti: Thanks :) Nyt voit tehä itelles kans tommosen ihanan lötkismyssyn :)

Tiina: :D välillä käännytyspuheet toimii. Sain itsenikin ostamaan lisää samaa lankaa :D

Emma: :) Kiva olla avuksi. Oivoi, täytyy kyllä nyt tarkkailla tota neuleen pintaa. Lörpissä se ei välttis haittaa, et tulee semmosta vähän nukkaista, mut tosiaan kyl hanskoissa ja sukissa se ei oo jees :(

ArualMaria said...

Kiva myssykkä! Jaahas, täytyypä pistää korvan taakse tuokin lanka, vaikuttaisi kokeilemisen arvoiselta.

berenike said...

ArualMaria: Kiitos :) Kannattaa ainaki kokeilla :)