Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Did Someone Say 'Pie'?

pattern: Mince Pie Mayhem by Alice Yu
yarn: Pirkanmaan Kotityö Kirjo-Pirkka, 80g
needles: 2.5mm

These socks have 80 sts and an eff-load of twisting. Yet surpringly the only part I cocked up was the heel and that's because I was knitting aboard a ship, really exhausted and chatting away with my mum and friend T. The heel technique was new to me and somehow I managed to knit one stitch wrong, which consequently threw off the whole pattern and thus the heel in its entirity. But instead of doubting my skills of following any pattern, which should already be established to be non-existent, I declared loudly that there must an error in the book. That's when my dear knitting friend T, who (on a side note) was probably stoned out of her mind because travel sickness meds and who in normal conditions would have remarked "Count the stitches again, harebrain", just said: "I know, right. It's shit.". Every knitter needs a friend who will readily concur that there's nothing wrong with your knitting skills and is unquestionably prepared to blame the pattern.

 Needless to say that the pattern actually worked exactly the way it was supposed to when I did the second sock.

Here's the heel in a close-up. I thought the technique was ingenious and fits really well for people with a tall instep. It's done by increasing sts as a wedge while knitting in round, so there's no separate heel flap or picking up sts. The heel turn is knitted normally with three needles.

A birthday present for my friend. The Crowleys are going for his girlfriend. 


Zelda said...


Purnauskis said...


Tiina said...

Herkkusukat! :)

Neulisti said...

Aivan ihania sukkia! Meinasin itse ottaa vihdoin sen Stripe teasen matkaneuleeksi, kun kentällä aloin lukea ohjetta ja totesin, ettei sitä ihan taideta ekstralyhyillä sukkiksilla neuloakaan.

berenike said...

Zelda: Kiitos! :) Pinta on kyl tosi hauskannäköinen pienellä vaivalla :)

Purnauskis: Kiitos! Vaikka lanka ei ollutkaan neuloessa kauhean pehmeä, niin väri näyttää herkulta tossa pinnassa.

Tiina: Kiitos! Vitsi ko olis iso kavalkadi ohjeita, joilla olis herkkunimiä, tulis herkkulakko helpommaks :D

Neulisti: Kiitos! Joo-o, ei taida ihan 15cm puikot riittää :D suosittelen ihan reilusti 100cm kaapelia, ni ei tartte pelleillä sit ko niitä silmukoita on yli sata puikolla :)