Friday, 1 June 2012

For Collateral Damage

Our dining table is of that sort that doesn't go well together with anything even relatively warm - let's say a plate with hot food on it or a coffee mug. Any object above human body temperature leaves spots and marks on it. So naturally place mats have been on my to do -queue for a while. 

pattern: 0-747 Place mats and Napkin rings by DROPS design
yarn: DROPS Cotton Viscose, 4.5 balls, 230g
hook: 3.5mm

DROPS Cotton Viscose is really nice yarn as far as cotton viscoses usually go. It's really glossy, which is why I chose to use it (gives a nice luxury touch to the mats) and the colour was interesting, kind of shiny, dark pearl. DROPS pattern was really good too, though it took a couple of trials and errors for a crochet beginner to differentiate between the terms. 

To go with the mats, I did coasters with the same yarn but different colour. This pale lilac Cotton Viscose has been in my stash since the Knit Year One and it's beginning to show. Not only was the old yarn so much softer than its newer fellow, the colours in it were already beginning to fade, giving it a sweet, rustic look.

To save our dining table, which has been my computer table for ages now and overrun by our plants and flowers, we purchased an old, retro working table. Now I have a place to keep my blogging gear and electronics in the same place while taking as little as possible from our living space.


Purnauskis said...

Huiput nuo aluset ja niin nätit!

sade said...

ihanat aluset! todella kauniit.
ja aivan ihana toi tietsikkapöytä. Ja noi lankakorit siinä vieressä: nam :D

berenike said...

Purnauskis: Kiitos! Ovat kyllä vähentäneet mun stressiä pöydästä :D

sade: Kiitos! Tietsikkapöytä/kukkapöytä on tosi kiva, varsinki ko sitä vähän huolti ja putsaili!

Nuuskis said...

Mä virkkaan itse asiassa tällä hetkellä ihan samaa ohjetta! kohta pitäisi valmistua! :)

berenike said...

Nuuskis: Mahtavaa! Ootan innolla kuvia ja raporttia!