Thursday, 24 May 2012

To Help You Discover Who You Are

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are.
 - Bernice Johnson -

Made with the yarn of my first Kool-aid batch, going straight for the Hyvän Mielen Sukat -charity pile and next week hopefully to the charity organizer. A nice, faint scent of artificial grape, yummie, just like those scented marker pens from the 90's that, if consumed, probably sterilized you completely. Oh, the nostalgia.

Here's a challenge by Purnauskis. The rules require me to pass this on to 11 other bloggers, but I'm going to a stick in the mud and just leave it for anyone who wants it. There is innumerable cohorts of awesome bloggers out there and this challenge is for all of you - accept it if you want!

 1. Onko sinulla ikuisuusprojekti, jonka valmistuminen kestää ja kestää? Jos on, niin mikä? I actually just finished my slowest project ever and it seemed to drag on indefinately. But all in all, Crown Prince Shawl must have taken at least 1.5 years to finish.

2. Mikä on heikkoutesi tai heikoin lenkkisi? Lankakaupat vai jokin tekniikka? My weak spot is finishing any piece of garment and because this I always end up fumbling something which then leads to some serious rescue measures later on.

3. Mikä taas vahvin osa-alueesi? My strongest suite is ignoring my cock-ups and enjoying even little bit imperfect results. This goes well together with my weakest point.

4. Mikä on vielä tekemättä/opettelematta? I still haven't tried the after-thought heel or entrelac, both which are something I really, really want to try, but haven't found the right pattern.

5. Eräs ventovieras nainen kysyi minulta kerran: "oletko sinä sinkku vai miksi sinä teet käsitöitä?" Heitän kysymyksen siis eteenpäin, miksi teet käsitöitä? Why do I knit or do other handicrafts? To let my hair down must the main reason, but also creating the kinds of clothes and accessories that I truly want to wear is another very reason. I must admit that knitting, like probably smoking, really hooks you up and not doing it causes serious dis-ease.

6. Mitä puuttuu useimmiten, materiaaleja, rahaa, aikaa, ideoita vai jotain aivan muuta? What I usually lack is money, patterns and time to execute everything I want to have, but I think patterns is the biggest issue; I usually need one, since I'm not that good at swinging it.

7. Mitä teet jämälangoista ja -kankaista? Ah, leftovers. I love leftovers, in yarn, fabrics and food. I love using leftover yarns for colorwork mittens and socks, the fabrics are a bit trickier though.
8. Onko jotain tekniikkaa, johon et koske pitkällä tikullakaan? Can't really think of any technique that I would hate so much that I would not try it again under any circumstances. Crochet is one of those things that require the right state of mind, weather, circumstances and the correct moon phase.

9. Paljasta jokin ihastuttava tai vihastuttava käsitöihin liittyvä tapasi. Scattering my stuff all over the place, it's not really an issue to my man, but to me, because all that junk gets in the way when I want to hoover.

10. Mitä väriä päätyy materiaalivarastoihisi tahtomattasikin? I'm a sucker for ivory, antique pinks and forest greens - the rare occasion of using some other colour than these is actually an endless source of mirth for my friends. 

11. Mikä on seuraava projektisi? My next project is my own colorwork pattern - a challenge in itself. I just have to ge the charts right and then I can start hollering for test-knitters.

So here are my questions:

1. The best TV series or film a knitter can watch while knitting?
2. What comic hero would you be?
3. Your favourite quote (this can be anything, from a book, a film, a celebrity, a philosopher - you name it)
4. What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done or said to you?
5. Why do you blog?
6. Which Disney Princess or Prince would you choose to be your lover or your spouse?
7.  To which country would you move, if you couldn't stay in your current country?
8. Your favourite material in the whole world?
9. Your perfect Sunday (hahah, Hot Fuzz <3) 
10. Climbing, scuba diving or parachuting?
11. NERD ALERT! Would you join Luke Skywalker and his rebel friends in the fight against The Empire or would you try to save the Wizarding and the Muggle world with Harry Potter?


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Neulisti said...

Sukat jalassa kuva kanssa! Nyt ei nää, mikä kuva tuossa jalkapöydän päällä on ja sitä pitää sitten pohtia koko ilta. :D

berenike said...

Neulisti: Oivoi :D nyt joudut miettimään, koska sukat ovat kokoa 36 elikkäs AIVAN LIIAN pienet mun kanoottiin. Siinä on semmonen bussireissulla sekoiltu karkki-sydän-kuvio, jota joskus vielä varmaan vähän rukkaan nätimmäks :)

Breezie said...

Upeat sukat :) Väri ja kaikki :)

berenike said...

Breezie: Kiitos, värit oli kyl niin kivat, täytyy kokeilla lisää koolauksia vielä :)