Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Sock Babies

From left to right:
-  Grape (x2 envelopes) 
- Tropical Punch + Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade + Strawberry (x1 each)
- Mango + Cherry (x1 each)
- Slammin' Strawberry Kiwi (x2)

Here's what I managed to cook with Kool-aid and DROPS Fabel. I'm kind of proud of my achievement, considering that I've never done dyeing, let alone skeining.

When dipping, I suggest using 2 envelopes for one colour, because the bright tip absorbs most of the pigment. Begin by submerging the bright tip, then add a little more yarn. After these portions lift the whole skein up from the water and add another envelope. Then submerge the third quarter of yarn in. Before taking the skein out, drop the rest of the skein in and let it simmer a minute.

The triple dye skein was made by dividing the yarn mass into small skeins and dyeing them separately. The duo dye was made by dividing the mass into two equally large skeins; this dye could be suitable for those double-ended yarn balls for stripey effect.

Here's what I'll do: when the visitor count in the left bar hits 9000, I'll arrange a blog giveaway and the giveaway will be the two middle ones.


Melli said...

Omg, I love that yellow & red combination! It's so fresh and bright and lovely! :) All of them are great, but that one just popped out.

Btw, is the colouring in these waterproof? I'm totally clueless about these kinds of things :D

Neulisti said...

Heii, minäkin tahdon polkkalankaa! :)

berenike said...

Melli: Thanks :) They should be washable without the colours bleeding off, but who knows :D you know, the Grape dye smells exactly like the Grape felt pen I got from you :D

Neulisti: Eikö tulluki ihan Polkagrisin näköstä :) Noissa Kool-aideissa on jotenki niin karamelliset värit!

vi0let said...

Thank you for your comment @ my blog, sorry for being so slow with a reply. In answer to your question, the sauce is made from margarine, fariinisokeri, light syrup, sugar, oat cream, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

Tiina R said...

Ihanan värisiä lankoja :)

Purnauskis said...

Oi miten herkullisia!

berenike said...

vi0let: Hey thanks for that! It looked delicious and I've been looking a vegan recipe like that!

Tiina R: Kiitos! Jotenki noilla Kool-aideilla saa just tarpeeksi imeliä värejä mulle :)

Purnauskis: Kiitos! Noi on kyllä semmosia karkkivärejä ja oikeestaan tuoksukin on ihanan karkkinen sitte ko lanka kuivuu :D märkänä se oli karmee.