Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hat for the teapot

Made a tea cosy for my big Pentik teapot. The background fabric is linen I used for pillows sometime in my teens and after all these years, I still love the soppy romantic, Englishy fabrics with rustic motifs. As a lining there's another layer of linen, just plain white and between these fabrics I put wadding as insulation. The rose motif is something I've been working on at least sic months, because I kept losing the damn thing in my apartment and it kept popping up in most mysterious places. While embroidering it, I even spilt tea on it and now it has very authentic tea spots on it, even before it's used.


Emma said...

Suloisen maalaisromanttinen :)))

Vyyhti said...

Onpa suloinen, varsinkin tuo ruusukuvio!

Anne said...


I have to make a cozy for my teapot it get cold up here in the Mountains.

berenike said...

Emma: Jep, maalaisromantiikka kolahtaa joka vuosi varsinkin näin keväisin!

Vyyhti: Kiitos :) Jos saisin päättää, niin koko kämppä olis täynnä ruusukuvioita :D

Anne: Thanks! Tea cosies are really useful, if they are heat preserving :)