Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring gloves

Spring is Nature's way of saying "Let's party!".
- Robin Williams -

Spring in Finland is actually a matter of decision. One March morning, we just get up and choose to start using our Converses, high heels, itsy bitsy skirts and light jackets - and it really has nothing to do with the actual temperature outside. Yep, the transition might begin because of a couple of days of warmth, but once you do it, you don't go back to your winter mode no matter what happens. Today, it hailed. And nobody seemed to give a flying frak about it. Not in the least I, even though I froze and cursed during every single minute outside. But anyways, since it's spring and everything just has to be peachy, I post something that makes my heart flutter for a while.

These cool worn out vintage gloves cost only 3e and are already a bit scruffy, so I didn't even hesitate with the scissors. The cuff off...

Then cut a heart motif in the middle of the glove and folded the cuff edges in and sewed, then titivated the heart edge with zigzag. I turnt the scraps of leather into cuff straps.

Nothing original, but added a couple of years for my gloves. Minna Parikka has really pretty gloves with hearts on them, but as a broke student I'll make do with these poor man's versions.

Summer skirts, leather jackets and thin scarves, here I come!


Neulisti said...

Iki-ihanat hanskat! Ja kevät on kyllä niin päätöksestä kiinni.

+5C keväällä = minihameita + farkkutakkeja

+5C syksyllä = välihousuja + villapaitoja.

berenike said...

Kiitos :) Niinpä! Vielä parempi on se, että nuoret pojat vaihtaa suoraan talvitakista pelkkään huppariin.

Nuuskis said...

Wonderful idea! Me likes! :)

Vyyhti said...

Onpa hauskat hansikkaat!

berenike said...

Nuuskis: Thanks :) I like too, especially soon when woollen mittens will be a bit too much!

Vyyhti: Kiitos :) Ei oo mikään aitoalkuperäinenoriginaali versio mut kyllä ne näyttää tosi kivalta esmes mekon kanssa :)