Friday, 2 March 2012


pattern: Apila from Sukka-ohjekuvasto (Pirkanmaan kotityö Oy)
yarn: Drops Fabel, white uni and Sunset print
needles: 2,5mm

I finished these a week ago but been busy at work during these last seven days so I've been postponing photographing. The sun came up around 8-ish but the whole morning was cloudy. Then, 10 min before I was supposed leave for the bus, it came out and the whole kitchen was bright as the mid-summer. Truly, nothing's better than taking a photo of your own feet in a hurry. It's up there in my top 3 with long queues in the supermarket when you have the thickest winter coat on and a trip to the public dental care. Almost as painful too as I nearly (accidentally) stabbed myself with a rogue kitchen knife that was lying around on our table and then tripped over my own feet while dashing to the door.

I just fell in love with the pattern, it looks really beautiful but is really easy to memorize. The original pattern repeated the colourwork pattern throughout the sock but I chose to knit more DROPS-y sole and toes for these, since I like the stripes and it's easier to knit. What can I say, I'm a Taurus (or just that lazy anyways).


Neulisti said...

Ihana kuvio, ihan retro! :) Ja tervetuloa kerhoon: olen kerran mm. tiputtanut valtavan kokkiveitsen aivan jalkateräni viereen lattialle, niin että se jäi vielä pystyyn heilumaan!

berenike said...

Kiitos! On kyllä retroa, varsinki ton oranssi-puna-pinkin langan kanssa! Joo noi läheltä-piti-tilanteet on parhaimpia, tuo vähän jännitystä elämään :D oon kyllä miettiny, et jonain päivänä noi arjen teräaseet koituu mun kohtaloksi, jos en tajua laittaa niitä takaisin laatikkoon tai tiskikoneeseen :D

Anne said...

WOW they are beautiful!...:)

That would take me forever to knit...:)

Purnauskis said...

Aivan uskomattoman kauniit! Vau!

berenike said...

Anne: Thank you! The pattern was really easy to memorize, that I think is always the hardest part in colourworks :)

Purnauskis: Kiitos!!!

Vyyhti said...

Oijoi miten kauniit! Kerrassaan hurmaava kuvio ja vielä ihanat väritkin!

berenike said...

Vyyhti: Kiitos :) Kuvio oli kyllä mahtava, täytyy ihan varmasti kokeilla sitä vielä uudestaan.