Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's just another lonely Sunday

I visited Inka's blog Minä itte! with a jewellery DIY. Check out her blog, she has wonderful, colourful projects and fantastic pics (and the resent post about Handmade Ryan Gosling made me laugh like a drain).

Hurts - Sunday

This is just a picture post for Sunday, since I haven't been able to finish that much lately. So while I punish myself with these extremely long and tedious knitting projects, let me introduce you two things I resort to when it's cold/dark/stressful/lonely etc. or just otherwise a crappy day going on.


During the winter I usually go for the spicy, strong teas, like chai or chilli teas.Though one of my constant favourites is Reilu Luomunen, which is just ordinary organic black tea. These babies in the picture are my new flavours, organic sweet chai by Higher Living and organic mint and chilli by Make Us a Brew. Make Us a Brew is a hilarious brand as they have comic strips on the carton and add explanations to how they came up with the flavour combos.


I like cooking, I grant you that. But I just simply LOVE baking and desserts, especially the spicy ones with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and syrups. This one is my easy peasy lemon squeezy bravura for those days that you don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen because you'd rather sit on your round rozy arse: bananas roasted in cinnamon, cardamom, syrup and an eff-load of melted margarine with vanilla soyce or oats cream and whipped soycreme. Takes about 5 mins to make, after which you can continue with something extra important like watching Bones, Game of Thrones etc. or skimming crafts magazines.

That's about it. That's my cup I drink from when I do crafts at home. Not always, but very often, as it is quite spacious and one of these cups can actually max out one's daily intake for caffeine. Perfect for sitting around and pretending to be productive. The curtain in the lower pic is my only resent accomplishment. I've been eyeing on Marimekko's Ruusupuu for quite some time now, but this week I got sick and tired of all the peeping toms and tildas in the neighbourhood who feel obliged to stare into our apartment as they pass our kitchen window. Yep, I know, I can't complain, since we chose this ground floor apartment, but gsus.... Anyways, I like the curtain, the pink goes together with rest of the details in our kitchen and livingroom, but it's not too dainty with all that black to suit my man's taste.

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