Sunday, 5 February 2012

Vintage Garden/Super Mukava

Gardens are a form of autobiography.
- Sydney Eddison -

I haven't done a review on a vintage shop in a while and last week I thought it would be topical to post about one of my favourite vintage shops, Vintage Garden. Vintage Garden is situated in Ojakatu, near my all time favourite café, Runo.

Vintage Garden/Super Mukava is a small but extremely cozy shop that sells vintage clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery in addition some vintage bric-a-brac as well as new Finnish design clothes. Even though the number of articles is immense, the shop feels spacious and as if full of light.

The shop has lovely, minute details, which I love more than anything in places like these. For example, some shoes are carefully placed by the entrance steps which I think is a nice welcoming touch to the atmosphere.

There's so much to see that sometimes I lose the sense of what is there on the sale and what is there for the looks - naturally most of the articles are on sale, but the decor looks more like some vintage fan's dressing table or foyer instead of a shop.

This last picture is of the best thing in the shop: it's chocablock with vintage jewellery in gorgeous colours and shapes. The middle table is filled with these earrings, hatpins and bracelets, whereas brooches are pinned innovatively on an old lampshade and necklaces are hung by the window or the by the dresser.

All in all, I've always received more than cordial service in Vintage Garden/Super Mukava and despite I've never tried on anything by Super Mukava, I've seen several people do; I must say, as not a friend of modern clothes, Super Mukava look simple yet stylish and the clothes have a certain thing about them, be it form or fabric.

Vintage Garden

Super Mukava

Ojakatu 1


Neulisti said...

Kuin karkkikauppa! :)

berenike said...

Juu niin on! Käyn joskus vaan ihastelemassa noita värejä!