Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Lately I've been thinking about writing a short introduction to some awesome blogs I read (in a nutshell, those awesomenesses are readable through my blog link list on your right hand side). To solve my problem of how to introduce this subject, one of my favourite blogs called Missä neuloimme kerran rewarded me with a nice award (aww, thanks guys) and slapped me with the impossible task of eliminating my faves down to 4 to 5 cool blogs with less than 200 readers. So here I go:

As Missä neuloimme kerran already gave the award to a fantastic blog Purnauskis, I expect you can find that through the former's blog. Definately worth checking out, Purnauskis knits, sews, makes prints, not to mention million other cool things. But now to the 4 or 5 others (see what I did there? Was able to introduce one blog without even using my quota... Gsus, sometimes I surprise even myself)


JenniKe knits and does graphic art and animations. My favourite part is definately her illustrations, especially for cards (which, by chance, I have ordered from her, but more about that later)


Mostly knitting and fluffy pics of animal babies, nurinpäin is an exquisite blog with beautiful pictures and great texts.

Butterflies instead

I don't usually like make-up blogs, but Butterflies instead is sincerely a great one. She writes honestly, without sugarcoating, about the things she tries, makes really handy swatches of most cosmetic products she has and does magnificent nails that resemble art and handicrafts.

The Comet

A new find for me, The Comet is an awesome knitting blog, ranging from quirky, cool pacman ties to a dainty lavender pullover.

Nina With Freckles

Nina With Freckles is my weekly colour pill, the blog is filled with vivid colours and sweet fabrics in the form of quilting.

So that's that. Thank you once again, Missä neuloimme kerran! With this post, Happy Valentine's to my virtual and IRL mates near and far!


Jenni said...

Kiitos! Ja ihanaa ystävänpäivää! :)

heikku said...

Oi ja voi, kiitos kiios. Tämä täällä punastelee ja niiata niksauttaa, heilauttaa hyvät ystävänpäivät ja menee pehkuihin.. :)

Nuuskis said...

Oi, kiitoksia! Tämä olikin ihana yllätys! :) Hyvää myöhäistä ystävänpäivää sinnekin!