Sunday, 8 January 2012

Vegan Key Lime Pie (or really just a Lime Pie, since the limes in this are just limes)

- 11 dairy and egg free digestive biscuits
- 100 g dairy free margarine
- 1 Tablespoon of Fair trade syrup

- Smash the biscuits into fine crumbs
- Add melted margarine and syrup and mix
- Pat onto a tin with a removeable rim with bottom covered with baking sheet (until it's just a thin layer without any sides)
- Bake in 175 deg about 15 min or until the crust gets nice darker colour

- 5 ripe limes
- 400 ml Soyatoo whip cream or Go Green! whip cream*
- 4 "egg yolks" made with No Egg**

- Wash the limes well and grate the green peel of at least 3 limes
- Add "egg yolks" made of egg replacement product and whisk together
- Cut the limes in halves, save at least 1 lime for decoration
- Squeeze lime juice into the mixture and whisk
- Pour mixture on baked crust in the tin
- Bake in 175 deg for 15-20 min or until the filling begins to look a bit more solid but is still soft and pale***
- Let cool in the room temperature and then move to fridge
- Once solid, remove the rim
- Decorate with a couple of lime slices and grated peel

*The cream serves as a replacement of condensed milk, so the soy or oat product should be rich, thick and solid and quite sweet. If not sweet, add one tablespoon sugar into it.

**didn't put any specifics on how to use the egg replacement since different brands have different instructions. No Egg contains metylcellulose, which sounds bad but is actually plant based fiber.

***make sure that the filling doesn't bake too much and turn brownish, since the limesh green won't show through it. If it starts going brown before the time is up, move it lower.

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