Monday, 9 January 2012

Piggy dress with udders

Quite some time ago I found a hideous dress at UFF, but the fabric was lovely, kind of cold piggy pink and shone like satin. So I took the dress home for 1 euro and cut off at least half of the hem (originally the dress reached ankles). Then I took a pencil and a normal glass and started drawing udders on the folded extra fabric (folded so that I get two long udder strips at the same time). I sewed the udders by using the drawn lines, turned inside out and titivated the hem line by stitching near the edge on the right side. Then I just sewed the new edge on the dress.

Left a small cleft between the beginning and the end of the hem, so that the fabric doesn't pull when I sit or actually try to move my legs.

All in all, this is now one my favourite dresses since the colour is absolutely delightful and the hem looks kinda girly in pink (or then again it might just look like udders or a tablecloth, the latter being the original source of this modifying project)


Neulisti said...

Kertakaikkisen hurmaava mekko! Ihanan helman siihen askartelit.

Purnauskis said...

Aikas söpö!

berenike said...

Kiitoksia molemmille :)