Thursday, 12 January 2012

Name meaning for Eugenia: "well-born", "noble"

pattern: Eugenia's Mittens by Mollie Woodworth
yarn: Vuorelma Veto, 0.7 skein
needles: 2,5mm

My friend was knitting socks from yarn that actually made my heart flutter. I saw the skein from the other end of the room and I almost leapt for it and did the Gollums. The yarn was soft, woolly and... perfectly pink. Just the pink I love (by the way, the photo doesn't do justice for the colour). Imagine my glee, when I found that same yarn and that same colour in Lahti during my mid-winter break. I had to buy it, almost hipblocked a couple of poor old ladies who were unfortunate enough to get in my way in the Xmas market. After skimming through my rav queue for a cool project, I ended up doing Eugenia's Mittens though the pattern calls for worsted yarn. With the sportweight dream yarn I had to modify the pattern a bit, but it turnt out quite nice anyways. I recommend the pattern!


Anonymous said...

Nam :) Kovasti kauniit.


berenike said...

kiitos! ei oo kovin lämpimät, mutta kyllä on lempparit :)

Neulisti said...

Kauniit palmikot. Erityisen kivat tuosta keskeltä, kun menevät solmuun.

Purnauskis said...

Tosi hauska tuo solmuun menevä palmikko! Nätit (hami, jos ei oo niin lämpimät).

berenike said...

Neulisti: Kiitos :) Juups, se keskisolmu on alkuperäisohjeessa vähän eri kohdassa. Oli tosi kiva palmikko-ohje kyl :)

Purnauskis: Kiitos :)Ei se niin haittaa et ei oo lämpimät. Neulon uudet, isommat lapaset nyt, joihin noi voi sujauttaa sisälle :)