Saturday, 7 January 2012

Do you still have the wall calendar from the previous year and do you want to avoid adult responsibilities for half an hour or so? Here's what to do (transforming paper into awesomeness has never been my strong suit. I was actually the girl in kindergarten or school who used the whole sheet of paper just to cut a tiny flower. Just saying :D ):

- Take that calendar, some glue and scirrors. (A ruler, too, if you do not want to scratch your table beyond use)

- Fold the paper by using the ruler's edge or the scissors' edge. The lines in the calendar are fantastic for us without any kind of spatial or geometric abilities.

- Cut the paper by using the folded lines. The envelope should have something like two small, identical wings, a short nose (that's the flap that closes the finished envelope) and a long tail.

- Fold the wings in and add glue on them. Fold the tail on the gluey surface. Now it should pretty much look like an envelope.

- Rummage through your paper can or your paper stash and cut address windows of different shapes. Glue them on the envelopes.

- There you go! Now you have at least 12 breathtakingly cool envelopes (okay, who am I kidding? At least they're better than the regular blanc ones).


Melli said...

This is such a cool idea, I always feel bad when throwing out basically good stuf such as calendars with nice pics. It's a shame I didn't have a calendar last year (or this year).

Neulisti said...

Huisin söpöjä kirjekuoria teit! Kiva idea! :)

berenike said...

Melli: Yep, I actually walked around my apartment with the calendar in my hand and kept thinking: can't throw it away, so what to do with it? and since I'm not a big fan of pics on the walls...

Neulisti: kiitos! ja tosi käytännöllinen, ko kalenteripaperi on yleensä paksua ja isompaa ko A4 = kestäviä ja isoja kuoria :)

Purnauskis said...

Huippuja! Oon itse tehnyt kirjekuoria ihan sisustuslehden sivuista, kun lehden poisheittäminen kauniine kuvineen on tuntunut liian vaikealta ja halusin löytää uuden paperinkierrätystavan. Kalentereille en olekaan keksinyt uusiokäyttöä - mainiota, että vinkkasit niistä! Muumikuoret on niin suloisia!

berenike said...

Purnauskis: Juu katselinkin puotiasi tänään ja näin ne kuoret! aivan ihania! (olen muuten niiden Neitsyt Maria -magneettien suuri fani, onko niitä tulossa lisää?)