Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Browsing the dim back corner
Of a musty antique shop
Opened an old book of poetry
Angels flew out from the pages
I caught the whiff of a soul
The ink seemed fresh as today
Was that voices whispering?
The tree of the paper still grows.
- Terri Guillemets -

pattern: Klänning med hålmönster by Käthe Fog (Kreativ Stickning nr 13 / 2011)
needles: 4,0mm
yarn: Novita Ilona, 600g

I tried a Swedish knitting magazine for the first time and the result actually kind of good and the abbreviations were easy enough. So no linguistic problems, but once again the pattern was a bit too short: the lace pattern should begin around mid waist, in my dress it begins just below breastline. I made completely different sleeves, because the original pattern called for t-shirt sleeves and I'm not a big fan of those. Anyways these sleeves are a bit more femme, I think. The yarn is some really old yarn I found stashed in my drawers, probably bought it all back when I started knitting in the first place.

The pics are taken in my new fave café called Kahvila Runo. It's a fantastic café in the older quarter of Tampere and absolutely perfect for any romanticist!

Pics from the upstairs gallery. The colours are mysteriously spicy which contrast nicely with the light colours dowstairs. The lighting is kind of dim and it creates this cozy, intriguing old parlour atmosphere.

The dowstairs is filled with wonderful little details I could browse all day. Like old poetry books and beautiful mirrors and pieces of art. I don't know about the coffee selection since I don't drink any, but the tea selection is breathtaking! I don't think I've ever been to a café before with such a repertory of teas! The chairs are as if made for knitting, especially the extracomfortable armchairs by the windows. Needless to say that downstairs with supersized windows, the lighting is perfect for any kind of knitting project.

On top of all this, the personnel are extremely friendly and people with allergies should ask if there are any pastries or cakes that do not contain particular allergens (we've already tried dairy free and glutein free pudding - yum!).

Kahvila Runo
Ojakatu 3
33100 Tampere


Jenni said...

Tosi kaunis mekko :) Tykkään kans just ton tyylisistä "mummola" kahviloista.

berenike said...

kiitos! :) joo mummokahvilat on parhaita, etenki just neulomiseen.

Melli said...

Noi hihat sopii tohon mekkoon tosi hyvin, onneks muuntelit ohjetta! :)

Voidaan hei mennä joskus Runoon yhdessä, niitten kakut vie mun sydämen :D