Saturday, 10 December 2011

Lives are snowflakes - forming patterns we have seen before, as like one another as peas in a pod (and have you ever at peas in a pod? I mean, really looked them? There's not a chance you'd mistake one for another, after a minute's close in
- Neil Gaiman -

pattern: Rovaniemi n:o 89 by Eeva Haavisto
yarn: DROPS Fabel, a half skein white and a little less than one skein black
needles: 2,5mm

This pair is the last of the Xmas presents this year, so now I can sit back and concentrate on my BA paper and a bit slower projects like my Estonian lace shawl. I screwed up one part of these mittens, so I have to return to this pattern one day. Nothing to die for, but even the small errors irritate the shit out of me. All in all, I don't think my brother notices the errors or gives a rat's arse for that matter even if he did.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Butterflies are self propelled flowers
- R.H. Heinlein -

pattern: Vedenharmaa Perhosmyssy by Inga Jaanson
yarn: DROPS Alpaca, 50g (and even less)
needles: 3,0mm and 3,5mm

I just dote on Viron Suurin Käsityölehti, the Estonian handicrafts magazine, not to mention Estonian patterns and handicraft culture in its entirity. They are really femme and fun and draw inspiration from the handicraft history of their country.

This butterfly hat was really easy to knit, the pattern was well written (had just one error, on line 4 in the chart) and it looks kinda nice on my weird shaped head that usually presents any hat in a not flattering light.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

pattern: Puolukkajakku by Lene Holme Samsoe
yarn: DROPS Alpaca, 6 skeins
needles: 2.5mm and 3mm

This was the project I earlier refered to as "the godboring cardigan". Well, I finished a week ago, but the depressive dark season we call winter is here, the photo shooting time has been minimal, almost non-existent. The pattern was great, I made the torso part a bit longer, as usual, but otherwise it was perfect. The front ribbing pulls the front up a bit, but that's okay - this cardigan has become my winter cheer-up top already.

(That's my psycho look, don't know why I do it in this pic.)

Living Next Door to Alice

Edit. About those bobbles in the cardigan - they're were hell to knit. Those bastards kept slipping to the wrong side and I had to dig them out with the needle. But the previous Knitscene, issue winter 2011, had a great article about knitting bobbles (and nupps etc). The article taught for example how to knit a 3-stitch bobble without turning the piece. Seriously recommend that article.

Monday, 21 November 2011

pattern: Aphrodite by Jeannie Cartmel
yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid, less than one skein
needles: 2.5mm

The pattern was absolutely perfect, well written, really fast but fun to knit. Nevertheless I loathe these socks: I always go for these stripey yarns, because they look awfully nice on skein, but somehow I simply detest them when the yarn is knit. And I never seem to learn. Ranco Solid was a fantastic yarn, but looks horrible (methinks) and the pretty lace pattern by Jeannie Cartmel is completely overshadowed by this hideous Transformer.

Everytime I go shopping for yarn, I should hold onto the pics of these kinds of socks. Unfortunately, the most fantastic word for these kinds of yarns is not translatable into English, but in Finnish it is hilarious: Pätkärääkättyä lankaa.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I spray the sky fast. Eyes ahead and behind. Looking for cops. Looking for anyone I don't want to be here. Paint sails and the things that kick in my head scream from can to brick. See this, see this. See me emptied onto a wall.
- Cath Crowley: Graffiti Moon -

pattern: Vivienne by Kim Hargreaves
yarn: Patons Merino Wool DK 8 skeins, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK 1 skein
needles: 3.5mm

This is a HEAVY modification of Kim Hargreaves' Vivienne. I just loved the pic of the sweater in her book Precious, but I'm not just cut out for seams. So I knitted everything I just could in round which eventually led to a sweater that only remotely looks like Vivienne and has the same number of stitches cast on at the beginning. But the main thing is that I'm happy with it and it'll be perfect for the winter.

I was especially content with how the raglan part turned out. I probably could have survived with less buttons but once I kept going with the button holes I just didn't realize to leave wider gaps between them... and the bonus thingie: if you look at the pic, you can actually see where I (once again) ran out of yarn and had to use another brand. The difference between the yarns isn't that notable and truth to tell doesn't bother me, but it is visible once you see it.

And no, this is not the god boring cardigan, it is still in progress. And no, I don't smear public properties with spray paints but I just simply find graffitis wonderful.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

pattern: Fischernetze by Elke Becker
yarn: Sandnes Garn Sisu, 75g
needles: 2,5mm

This pattern was just like made for me: the only thing Fischernetze has is the charts for the lace pattern. That's it. As I am completely unable to follow any kind of pattern with funky heels or toes, this was effing perfect! Not to mention that the pattern is easy as extra fatty pecan pie but it still looks awfully nice. Perhaps I'm done with the socks for this winter, time to move on with my bigger, more boring project called "Neverending Torture of Knitting a Cardigan with Thin Yarn".

Monday, 12 September 2011

pattern: 126-4 Socks with pattern in "Delight" and "Fabel"
yarn: the same Fabel yarn by DROPS as in the previous sock entry
needles: 3mm

pattern: my own
yarn: some Rowan yarn
needles: probably 3mm?

The first socks I made of leftover yarn I used in the colourwork socks in the previous sock entry. I haven't made anything for my mum in a while so I had to knit something out of guilt. The pics are not really good because the lighting was bad all around the house and there was an eager and curious alsatian snout pushing into the pictures everywhere else except in the stairs. The socks stayed at my mum's so these will have to do.

The latter pair was knitted in Edinburgh because it is a truth universally acknowledged that watching a film without something on the needles is an impossibility in itself for a knitter. Unfortunately I have forgotten which yarn I used, as some time has passed since my time in Edinburgh. But anyways, the pattern was some easy cabling and the socks are extrasmall; they're a Xmas present for my friend with tiny feet. I've postponed blogging the pink socks since I haven't had the chance to take any pics of them while being worn. Finally my other friend with small feet and petite ankles popped in for a visit and I managed to take pics. Cheers, M :)

This is definitely a sock season. The evenings are getting darker and rainier and there's yet another pair of socks on needles.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Her hat is a creation that will never go out of style; it will just look ridiculous year after year.

- Fred Allen -

pattern: Southmoor Hat by Erica Jackofsky
yarn: Sublime Bamboo & Pearls dk, 100g
needles: 3,5mm

My mum bought me a Knitscene magazine a month ago and I just had to cast on this hat straight away. To be honest, I'm not a hat person and with my eyeglasses on, most hats look least to say weird. But this pattern was so lovely that maybe I'll sacrifice a couple of pairs of contact lenses so that I can wear it at least once this winter. The ruffly end of the pattern didn't make any sense to me so I improvised and blocked reeeeaally precisely - the two methods that can save pretty much any effed up knitted piece.

Knitscene was a positive surprise, the autumn issue of 2011 had at least 3 patterns I want to knit really soon.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament.

Shakespeare - Julius Ceasar

pattern: 126-4 Sock with pattern in "Delight" and "Fabel" by Drops Design
yarn: DROPS Fabel, unicolour white and print 151p
needles: 3mm

Drops have really good colourwork patterns in their webpages and the patterns are available in many languages. Fabel was really good yarn, the print yarn was a bit light in some parts and hence the colourwork looks a bit blurry in a couple of places, but that's only because I chose to use white as the background colour. But all in all, one skein of Fabel was enough for a pair of socks and seems to be good quality.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Browsing the dim back corner
Of a musty antique shop
Opened an old book of poetry
Angels flew out from the pages
I caught the whiff of a soul
The ink seemed fresh as today
Was that voices whispering?
The tree of the paper still grows.
- Terri Guillemets -

pattern: Klänning med hålmönster by Käthe Fog (Kreativ Stickning nr 13 / 2011)
needles: 4,0mm
yarn: Novita Ilona, 600g

I tried a Swedish knitting magazine for the first time and the result actually kind of good and the abbreviations were easy enough. So no linguistic problems, but once again the pattern was a bit too short: the lace pattern should begin around mid waist, in my dress it begins just below breastline. I made completely different sleeves, because the original pattern called for t-shirt sleeves and I'm not a big fan of those. Anyways these sleeves are a bit more femme, I think. The yarn is some really old yarn I found stashed in my drawers, probably bought it all back when I started knitting in the first place.

The pics are taken in my new fave café called Kahvila Runo. It's a fantastic café in the older quarter of Tampere and absolutely perfect for any romanticist!

Pics from the upstairs gallery. The colours are mysteriously spicy which contrast nicely with the light colours dowstairs. The lighting is kind of dim and it creates this cozy, intriguing old parlour atmosphere.

The dowstairs is filled with wonderful little details I could browse all day. Like old poetry books and beautiful mirrors and pieces of art. I don't know about the coffee selection since I don't drink any, but the tea selection is breathtaking! I don't think I've ever been to a café before with such a repertory of teas! The chairs are as if made for knitting, especially the extracomfortable armchairs by the windows. Needless to say that downstairs with supersized windows, the lighting is perfect for any kind of knitting project.

On top of all this, the personnel are extremely friendly and people with allergies should ask if there are any pastries or cakes that do not contain particular allergens (we've already tried dairy free and glutein free pudding - yum!).

Kahvila Runo
Ojakatu 3
33100 Tampere

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A wise old owl sat on an oak; the more he saw the less he spoke; the less he spoke the more he heard; why aren't we like that wise old bird?

I sewed this owl kettle warmer for my Ravelry Swap partner, because she likes owls and teas. The fabric is actually the same vintage tunic fabric I used in the bunny. There's an insulation layer under the colourful fabric which ensures that the kettle stays warm long.

Vegan Choc-almond-banana cupcakes

makes 12 medium-sized cupcakes


- 2 bananas
- 250 ml soy cream
- 2 ½ tsp baking powder
- 1 ½ tsp vanilla sugar
- 3 ½ dl wheat flour
- ½ dl sugar
- 2 tbsp ground almonds
- 4 tbsp cocoa powder
- 1 dl rapeseed oil
- 50 g ground chocolate


- 100 g room temp margarine
- 300 g icing sugar
- 50 g cocoa powder
- 40 ml coconut cream

Pre-heat oven to 180 celsius degrees. Crush bananas into paste and add the soy cream. Combine dry products (flour, powders, sugars, chocolate crumbs and almonds. Add to banana soy cream and mix all ingredients. Add oil and mix well. Divide into cupcake pan. Bake for 20 to 25 min or until firm.

Add sifted icing sugar and cocoa powder to room temp margarine and blend well. Add coconut cream a couple of teaspoonfuls at a time to mixture. Blend 5 min or until frosting becomes fluffy.

Monday, 18 July 2011


Humility is like underwear. Essential, but indecent if it shows.
- Helen Nielsen -

Pitkän postaustauon vuoksi rämäytän kaiken viimeaikaisen samassa postauksessa ja koska olen töiden vuoksi evakossa vanhempieni luona, olen saanut käyttää kuvien valmisteluun veljeni kuvaohjelmaa. Ohjelmaa, joka paljastui ihan mielettömän hienoksi keksinnöksi, mutta joka valitettavasti tuottaa jättitiedostoja. Niinpä suurimmalla tod.näk. bloggerini räjähtää piakkoin. Kun kotiin pääsen, tyydyn taas vanhaan ohjelmaan.

Onnistuin kerran tekemään Suuren Käsityölehden kaavoilla aivan mahtavan pupu-pehmiksen, mutta koska olen varmaan heittänyt kyseisen lehden sotkille ja alleille, yritin vääntää samanlaista pitkäkorvaa ulkomuistista. Ei mennyt ihan nappiin, mutta saaja on pieni lapsi, joka ei varmaan kauheasti saumoja tuijottele. Matskuina käytin vanhaa lakanaa ja kirjavaa Marimekko-tunikaa.

Pupun taustalla näkyy päiväpeitto, joka on minun vanhassani huoneessani. Se on taivasvanha ja olen saanut sen suht pienenä perheystävältä. Perheystävä on perheetön mies, joka ei tuommoisia pitsipeittoja kaivannut eikä kaipaa vieläkään kuulemma, vaikka hänen äitinsä on virkannut peiton kauan kauan sitten! Häpeäkseni joudun tunnustamaan, että lapsena en pitänyt peitosta ja se on kokenut kovia leikeissä, mutta nyt viisaampana ja nöyrempänä ajattelin kunnostaa muutamat revenneet kohdat.

Katselin juuri peittoa ennen kuin kuvasin sitä ja totesin, että tuijottamalla sitä tarkkaan ja kiristelemällä hampaita saattaisin saada raapastua tosta ohjeenkin kasaan (ellei joku lonkalta pysty heittämään näin hämäristä kuvista, että mikä virkkaustilkku on kyseessä). Ohjetta voisin käyttää sitten hamassa tulevaisuudessa, kun olen ohittanut lasten hankinnan, keski-iän ja kaiken muun elämän ja ennen kaikkea kandini. Tampereen makkari kaipaisi kipeästi päiväpeittoa, mutta laskeskelin, että tuommoisen vääntämiseen minun vauhdilla on mennyt varmaan 2-3 vuotta, jos puuhailee muita juttuja niinko perhettä tai töitä siinä sivussa (elikkäs hatunnosto A:n äidille).

malli: eri neulemallikirjoista
lanka: Sublime Soya Cotton dk ja Red Heart Eco Cotton Blend
puikot: 4 mm ja 3mm koukku

No niin, sitten siihen surulliseen kohtaan. Neulaisin miehen siskontyttärelle kesämekon ja otin koot yhdestä aikasemmin tekemästäni mekko-ohjeesta. Puikkojen ja langan koko sama ja käsiala just sitä mitä vaadittiin, mutta lopputulos - mekko ehkä noin 3-4 veelle eikä 1,5 veelle kuten oli tarkoitus. Olkapäät antaa vielä sen verran periksi, että saattaa mennä t-paitana vielä 5-6 veenä. Että eipä taida mennä käyttää sit tänä kesänä.

English version will be added later - my brother wants the computes, he's dying to see some X-men cartoons.

Because of a long break in blogging, I'll just throw everything I've done lately in the same entry (and since I'm staying at my parents' because of my work, I'll get to use my brother's nice photoshop. Photoshop that genuinely was really fine, but produced Hulk-sized files and thus crammed my blogspot. The blogspot account probably explodes any time now. As soon as I get back home, the old Windows photoshop will do just marvellously.

A long time ago I managed to whip up a cool bunny toy with Suuri Käsityölehti (a Finnish craft mag), but as I probably have tossed the whole magazine away, I tried the same kind of bunny with a gut feeling. It's not a rose, but hey, even the potato blossoms. The recipient of the bunny is a 2-year-old, so I likely won't receive any kind of Martha Stewart criticism. The material used for the bunny come from an old sheet and Marimekko tunic.

In the background you can see my old bed spread that I left in my old room when I moved out. It's as old as the hills and got it from a family friend as a child. The family friend in question is a man without a family and he didn't need a lacey spread like that (and last time I checked, he still didn't need it), even though it's crocheted by his mother. As to my great shame I must admit that I didn't like the bed spread as a child and it's been handled rough in plays, but now as older and wiser I've decided to mend what's broken.

I began to take a closer look at the spread when I dug out my camera for the pics and maybe, just maybe, with a lot of hard work and tears I might be able to write down the crochet pattern for the spread (unless someone recognizes from the hazy pics which crochet pattern is in question). The pattern could come in handy after I have gone through getting-a-family stage, middle age and all other life and most importantly, my bachelor thesis paper. The bedroom in Tampere is screaming for a bed spread but with my speed it must have taken at least 2 to 3 to crochet a spread like that (so respects for the family friend's mother).

Then the bad news. I knitted a summer dress for my man's niece and used some parts of the pattern I tried some time ago. The needle and yarn size and the gauge was the same as required but the dress turned out to be fitting for a 3 to 4 years old child rather than 1,5-year-old as was planned. The shoulders flex just enough to fit even a 6-year-old. So I guess she won't be wearing the dress this summer after all.

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Like I said, you make your choices and you live with them and in the end, you are those choices.
- Battlestar Galactica: Razor

malli: Razor Cami by Katie Marcus
lanka: RYC Bamboo Soft, 280g
puikot: 4mm

Olin hamstrannut jostakin alennuksesta RYCin Bamboo Softia neljä kerää, kun alkuperäisenä ajatuksena oli tehdä joku kiva lastenvaate, mekko tai kesätoppi yms. Hetkisen Ravelry-jonoa tuijotettuani päätin kuitenkin kokeilla tätä Razor Cami -toppia (toppi on roikkunut jonossani Ravelryyn liittymisestä asti). Pitkän selkäni kanssa 4 kerää eivät riittäneet mihinkään, joten metsästelin taas kissojen ja koirien kanssa lisää lankaa ja sain kuulla eräältä lankakauppiaalta, että RYC on sulautunut Rowanin kanssa yhteen ja lankojen valmistus on lakkautettu. Aijaijai... Epätoivoiseltä Lahden reissulta kuitenkin jäi käteen kaksi kerää samaista lankaa. Kuka ei rakasta onnellisia loppuja?

I once hoarded four balls of RYC Bamboo Soft, since the original idea was to knit something for a toddler, a dress or a summer top or something that sort. After staring at my Ravelry queue, I decided to take on a Razor Cami that's been hanging in my queue since the day one in Ravelry. With as long back as I have, 4 balls of yarn was nowhere near to suffice for the tank top and so I began a feverish quest for extra yarn. A yarn shop owner told me that RYC had merged with Rowan and the yarn was discontinued. Needless to say how much that distressed me. However, as a result of a desperate trip to Lahti, I obtained two extra balls. Who doesn't love happy endings?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

malli: Haaviston lapaskirja, Kotka no. 22
lanka: Sandnes Sisu
puikot: 2,5mm

Piti ennen kunnon kevään alkua neulasta vielä vikat lapaset, kun viime aikoina vanhat kunnon luottolapaset ovat alkaneet hajota käsiin. Koska kevät tekee laiskaksi, päätin tehdä mahdollisimman helpon ohjeen Haaviston kirjasta, tosin kolmella langalla pelleily tekikin hommasta yllättävän hidasta.

I had to knit one more pair of mittens before the beginning of the real spring, since my old reliable mittens are getting a bit dodgy. Since I'm always a bit lazy around this time of year, I decided to knit a easier pattern from Haavisto mitten book, but in the end fooling around with three different yarns made the process surprisingly slow.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.
- Sandman -

Sain käsiini mitä ihaninta sukkalankaa, josta oli pakko aloittaa joku sukkaprokkis. Koska olin niin kauhean hätänen, tulin valinneeksi ihan väärän projektin. Lopputulos: karmeat sukat, jota pätkärääkätty lanka ei ainakaan imartele. Mutta meneepähän kevät käyttöön Conversejen kanssa. Aina ei voi onnistua.

Tätä lankaa ajattelin kokeilla kyllä uudestaan, ehkäpä vähemmän pätkävärjättynä tai yksivärisenä (kun nuo pätkikset eivät ole ihan tuolta lempparipäästä). Puffa-lankaa ei löytynyt Ravelrysta, mutta sen verran tiedän siitä, että lankataiteilija on lahtelainen, eli minun kotikulmilta. lankoja pystyy ihailemaan ja ostamaan tästä blogista.

malli: Veronik Avery - Tabi Socks, muokatulla varvasosalla.
lanka: Puffa-lanka, väri Aarnimetsä, 80g?
puikot: 2,5mm

I got the loveliest skein of sock yarn and I just had to start a sock project. Because I always jump the gun, the odds are that I choose the wrong pattern. The outcome: horrid socks, which the striped yarn doesn't flatter the least. But they are useable with Converse this spring. One cannot always succeed.

On a positive note, I have to try again this yarn, perhaps as less striped or single colour (multi-stripe-dyed yarn isn't actually my favourite). I couldn't find Puffa-lanka on Ravelry, but that much I know about it that the yarn artist is from my home town, Lahti. The yarn can be admired and bought in the following blog.

Monday, 7 March 2011

You're on earth. There's no cure for that.
- Samuel Beckett -

DROPS design Jumper with shirred pattern in yoke
lanka: DROPS Alpaca, 500gr
puikot: 5mm ja 4,5mm

Tätä paitaa varten opettelin magic looppaamaan, mikä onnistui todella kivuttomasti Ullan ohjeilla. Nyt vain ärsyttää, että on aikasemmin äheltänyt sen sijaan että olisi opetellut noin yksinkertaisen tekniikan. Joka tapauksessa, tästä paidasta tuli kyllä ehdoton lemppari! (loppuhuomautuksena: kerrankin tuli oikean mittainen toi keskivartalo-osuus ko lisäilin reippahasti senttejä pituuteen, noin 10 cm)

For this jumper I actually taught myself the magic loop technique which was surprisingly pain-free with the help of Ulla. Now the only thing that pisses me off is that I didn't look up this technique before but kept fumbling without it for ages. In any case, this jumper became my absolute favourite! (on a final note: the jumper actually fits because I addes some extra centimetres to the torso part, about 10cm or so)

Friday, 11 February 2011

So we grew together
Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,
But yet an union in partition,
Two lovely berries moulded on one stem

- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream-

malli: sama ko edellisessä entryssä, eli omasta päästä modaten
lanka: Novita Nallea tämäkin, mutta sävyä 569, 105g
puikot: 3mm

Tykkäsin niin paljon sukista, jotka tein ystävälleni, että päätin neulaista itselleni samanlaiset, mutta eri sävyisestä langasta (vaikka sitä ei kuvista huomaa. Tämän ja edellisen entryn sukat näyttävät mielestäni miltei identtisiltä). Tämän urakan jälkeen ajattelin kokeilla Lahdesta ostamaani paikallislankaa, Puffa-lankaa. Ostin sitä ensin yhteen Ravelryn swappiin, mutta herkulliset ja laadukkaan tuntuinen lanka houkutteli ostamana yhden vyyhdin omiinkin projekteihin.

I liked the socks I made for my friend so much that I had to knit a pair for myself too, but I used a bit different shade of yarn (even though one couldn't spot that fomr the pics. The socks in this entry and the socks in the latter entry look almost identical, me think). After this trial I'll just have to try out a new yarn called Puffa-lanka, which I bought from Lahti and which is a local yarn brand. I originally bought one skein for a Ravelry swap, but it had such nice colours and it felt so smooth that I had to buy a skein for my own project too.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.
- William Shakespeare -

Postaukseni aiheena on myöhässä oleminen: ystäväni ja joululahjasukkien; joululahjasukat ovat siis juuri tälle miltei koko ajan myöhässä olevalle ystävälle.

malli: omasta päästä sovellettu joskus neuletekniikkakirjasta opitulla palmikolla
lanka: Novita Nalle, 110g
puikot: 3mm

Sukkien piti valmistua jo reippahasti tammikuun puolella, mutta tuskainen koulutyö viivästytti etenemistä koko ajan ja sitten kun pääsin vauhtiin - lanka loppui. Tadaa. Tämä on nyt kolmas kerta kun Novitan langoilla neuloessa lanka on loppunut kesken ja olen metsästänyt kissojen, koirien ja pussirottien kanssa lisälankaa vain huomatakseni, että kyseinen lanka/langan väri on otettu pois myynnistä. Näissä sukissa jäi kiinni kärkikavennuksesta, mutta sain Ravelryn kautta onneksi apuja. Sukat valmistuivat, mutta reippahasti myöhässä - sopii sukkaparin tulevalle omistajalle kuin nyrkki hattuun.

Ystäväni tulee 20min - 3h myöhässä jokaiseen tapaamisen enkä voi olla kadehtimatta häntä (oikeastaan ainainen "olet taas myöhässä" -nalkutukseni on silkkaa kateutta): mitään ei ikinä tapahdu ilman häntä, mutta hän ei joudu odottamaan mitään. Minä kun taas perseilen paikella vähintään puolituntia ennen varsinaista tapaamista ja mietin 30 min hoo moilasena, että miten tässä taas näin kävi. Joskus saatan olla rohkea ja riskeerata: lähden niin, että olen vain 10 min liian aikaisessa. Poikkeuksena on tietysti eräs toinen ystäväni, joka varmasti luulee, että en ikinä saavu ajoissa mihinkään, koska häntä tavatessa olen aina noin 5-10 min myöhässä ja anteeksipyytelen. Mutta kaiken kaikkiaan Shakespeare voi painua tässä asiassa kuuseen: koko ajan etuajassa oleminen on vähän hupsua.

The subject of my post today is being late: that in relation to my friend and socks; these particular socks were made for my constantly tardy friend.

The socks were supposed to be ready already in January but the finishing touch was delayed because of the hellish nightmare of schoolwork and just when I got going again - yes, I ran out of yarn. Yippi-ki-yay. This is the third time when I knit something with Novita and the particular yarn or the yarn colour is not sold anymore when I come back to look for more. And with these socks, all I needed was the yarn for the toe decreases, but luckily I got help via Ravelry. So the socks were finished but veeery late - suits like a glove for my belated friend.

My friend shows up 20min - 3h late in every meeting and I can't help envying her (my perpetual bitching "you're late again" is actually nothing but vehement envy): nothing ever really happens without her and yet she never has to wait. I ,on the other hand, fool around at the rendezvous point at least half an hour before meeting and spend my 30 min thinking how on earth it happened again that way. Sometimes I get really bold: I might leave so that I'm only 10 min too early. The only exception is my other friend, who probably thinks I'm late every where I go, since whenever I meet her, I'm 5-10 min late and stutter apologies and excuses. But all and all, Mr Shakespeare can bite me in this matter: being constantly too early is just plain silly.

Monday, 17 January 2011

An Education

I've never let my school interfere with my education.
- Mark Twain -

malli: omasta päästä reippahasti mielikuvitusta käyttäen sekä epätoivoisesti soveltaen
lanka: Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, about 150g
puikot: 6mm

Huhuh, on tullu pidettyä sekä neulonta- että blogitaukoa. Syynä aivan helvetillinen koulu- ja arkiahdistus, joka luonnollisesti koostuu kaikenlaisesta pakollisesta tekemisestä niinkuin normaalikoulussa suoritettavasta aineopettajakurssista ja porukoiden 50+50 -pippaloista. Ennen joulua sain neulaistua muutamat joululahjat, mutta yksikään niistä ei ehtinyt kuvattavaksi, koska aikataulu oli suht kireä (aaton aattona lahjat pakettiin jne.) Mutta nyt sain neulottua todella unelmalangasta itselleni läppäpipon, jota olen himoinnut jo vähän aikaa.

Lankana oli siis Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, jota silittelin jo kaupassa haltioissani. Muutamat jäätävät pakkaspäivät saivat minut kinuamaan itselleni perinteistä läppäpipoa, jossa olisi pitkät tupsut, mutta ravelrysta ei oikein löytynyt mitään kivaa ensivilkaisulla. Soveltamiseksi meni, mutta olen kuitenkin tyytyväinen lopputulokseen. Ja lanka on unelmantuntuista iholla

Tarkoituksena olisi vielä kasata ystävälle sukat joululahjasukkien tilalle, jotka kuulemma olivat puolta kokoa liian pienet (se on niin tarkkaa...)

Phew, this has been such a long blog and knitting sabbatical. A hellish school and everyday stress has absolutely taken every pinch of energy in me and I've had to do everything ranging from my teacher courses in a combined middle school/upper secondary and my parents' 50+50 birthday party. Before Xmas I managed to knit a few Xmas pressies, but none of them were photographed due to a massively hectic schedule (pressies were wrapped the day before Eve etc.) But now I finished this hat with earflaps, the kind of hat I've been desired for a while.

As the yarn I used Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, which I already petted in the shop. A couple of icy, frosty below zero days got me begging for traditional earflap hat with long tassels, but I couldn't find any cool pattern from ravelry when I skimmed through the patterns. So I just had to go with the intuition, but I'm really excited about the outcome. And the yarn is McDreamishly soft.

I should knit a pair of woollen socks for my friends to replace the ones I gave for Xmas, that pair was half a size too small (this is precise science)